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September 10, 2007
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Top 10 WORST fan communities

Obessesive Fanbases....I hate them, you hate them... and we all never want to be like them.... There is NOTHING wrong with liking something, and having a fanbase...thats cool, I'm apart of over 10 different fan bases...but when people take their choices in fandom to the limit, by verbally attacking people, flaming and just hating other people.... for having a different opinion....needs to stop.... and no, this is list ISN'T 10 Anime fan communities... 1 is, if you can't hack it, don't read it, and go cry into your Inuyasha poster.

This is (In my opinion, take it or leave it) The Top 10 WORST fan communities......grab you plushies and pray for my ungodly soul!

10 - Pirates fans
In case we have forgotten, "I'm Captain Jack Sparrow", they will tell you. like I want to be locked into a conversation with 13 year old boys, who pretend that they are, a shambolic and camp Pirate... yes you can say "Savy", well done.... but when you use it, in every sentence you say...kind of makes you look like a robot, I don't really have anything against this fanbase, they are on this list because, a small group of them attacked me, for liking a film released this year...that WASN'T Pirates of the Carribean: At worlds end... well boofuckingwhoo!!!!

09 - The Xbox Live/Warcraft/MMORPG zombies
Online gaming, a breakthrough in technology.... shattering the window of possiblities of who you can play games with, besides your brother/sister/friend. instead, what we have is a never ending display of young people yelling swear words, or death threats down their earpieces, for the entire world to hear. We have seen a relentless mountains, of annoying fads come from this medium, I'm sure we are all familair with "YOU FUCKING STOLE MY CLOUD SONG!!!!", "The Xbox live kid" and the once funny, but now irratating "LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOY...JENKINS!!!!!". It's basically why I don't want to do online gaming, playing against the computer is fun enough for me....and If the computer loses, he dosen't scream "U FUKIN SUN OF @ BITCH, I'M GONA KILL U!!!!!!!!" at me.

And as for the MMORPG people, can people with knowledge of fiction that large, be sooo stupid? Some of these people think World of Warcraft is a good subject choice, to pick up chicks? are you really that stupid? as if women (who don't play or herd of the game) are remotley interested in the damm game?
The only thing good that came out of MMORPG's was the South Park parody episode, despite the fact, they had permission from Blizzard to use WOW in the episode...they still took the piss out of it.

08 - Myspace crowd
Hear is an idea... why not sign up to a website, that allows you to meet all kinds of people, from all countries, places, and towns, because you would like some friends online....instead your surounded by depressing people, who look like extras from Bram Stokers Dracula, and pretend that they are depressed and no one loves them, while listening to bands such as "My chemical romance" or "Simple Plan" ....they are what scientists and many researchers have decreed, after long hours of extencive studying as "Emo".

Seriously, If you have a Myspace account.... stay the fuck away from the weirdos, or anyone who has a screen name that sounds like "I want to kill myself".... also beware of Sexual predators for you under 16's.

07 - Star Wars/Trek fans
A long time a Galaxy far, far away... a hairy old man called George Lucas invented a movie series called "Star Wars" for the big screen, like Yoda "Wrong order he told it"...and today, has become one of the biggest nerd magnets since Comic books, While another has boldy gone, where no fanbase has gone before... The Star Trek fans or "Trekkies" has a similair problem, I'm not saying all are, I have some friends who are into Star Trek. I'm talking those who go to the EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEMEEE!!!!!!

The Simpsons character "Comic book guy" is based on alot of nerd mediums, Star Wars being one of them, and there even was a sketch for a TV show, where William Shatner told a group of Star Trek fans to "Get a life".

06 - G1ers
As soon as Transformers was announced for the big screen, alot of the same, repeptive crap was herd..... "I HATE MICHAEL BAY!!!" "YOU GOT THE FUCKING CARS WRONG!!!!" "IRONHIDE IS SUPPOSED TO BE RED!!!!!!" and so on, and so on.... G1ers are the fans of Transformers who are literally "More than meets the eye" and give us all a bad name. They only believe the 1980's cartoon was made, and that was it. No Beast Wars, No Armada, No Energon, No Cybetron and NO LIVE ACTION MOVIE!!!!! they have a very shallow existence, Hey I admit Armada, Energon and Cyberton were bad, but pretending they didn't exist is kind of ignorant. And they sunk to a whole new low, when they sent death threats to Movie Director Micheal Bay.

They are getting angry over what cartoon robots, who aren't real, should look like for a movie aimed at kids/young adults/fans of the franchise, while being in their mid 30's....

GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!!!, why does Hasbro, or Takara need YOUR approval do to something? If they do something, or make a choice you don't like...tough shit.

G1ers must be stopped...."No matter the cost!"

05 - For lack of a better word... "Attention whores/socialittes"
I blame people like Paris Hilton for this.... recently, girls the world over, took to this new look.... that makes them stand out... in order to copy this look you need

1: A really fake looking tan
2: A hairband
3: A outfit that makes you look thin. Make sure it's either white or pink.
4: Blonde hair
5: Sunglasses the size of your face
6: A scalf
7: A Hand bag for your shoulder, and your hand?

Socialittes is all about grabbing the attention, and begin as vain as possible.... and are the shades that big really nessacery?

04 - "Wiggers"
Greeaaaat, another fad that won't shut up and DIE!!!!, white boys around the world, looooove their rap music. So they have to dress up and pretend to be a "Gangsta" and call everyone "Bitches" and declair everyone and everything, they hate as "Faggotry" In theory, Wiggerism is the male equivalent to "Socialittes".

These "Homeboys" need food poisoning..."Believe dat!!!"

03 - Sonic Fans
Sephirothq said this better than I ever could... but I'll add my two pennies.
This fanbase as allways irratated me for long time, because they can't tell the difference between shite and good games...and Sega stopped making good games after 1994. Every pile of shit Sega throws at them, they defend it... and for the love of god, don't get me started on the "Sonic Passion" people, I mean cartoon porn is one thing, but claiming your MARRIED to Sonic, and knowing what colour his seamen is... People like this have serious issues and need looking after.
And I don't know about you, someone drawing Tails having sex with people in places or in ways, that make you feel dirty for seeing it...."Thats no good!!!"

02 - Naruto fans
Nothing would please me more, than putting anime fans in general on here...but I know for a fact that isn't true, this will shock you...They have been Japanese animations that have inspired many great ideas, I may not like them, but you can't discredit them for what they have done, Like for example, I like Megaman, but without Astroboy, No Megaman, alot of the anime fanbases are annoying..... But the Naruto fanbase has generated some of most irratating and just downright annoying people to walk the their "headbands" LOL.

I've seen this all before with these passing trends, and you know it's going to be a new thing next year.

You tell them this, and they never stop bitching, and whining, and complaining and demand your head on a spike. I'm taking a quote I read, regarding this on Youtube. (not my words, thats why it's called a QUOTE)

"Okay for starters, you need to realize that the general anime community is filled with uneducated, prideful, hateful, and just pathetic people. I am a member of that community, though I try to hold myself to a certain standard"

So what is more annoying than any of them?

01 - Console fanboys

Watch the Chadwarden video, it says everything for me.
Fanboys/girls.... one of Nature's greatest mistakes.

Don't like what I've said....good for you.
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evangelian007 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008
You should put in #1 the Sonic fandom instead of the console fanboys.Yeah the Console fanboys are dumb (Chad Warden being an example) but it's nothing when it's compared to the psychotic Sonic fanbase.99% of the fanbase cares about the VA rather than the gameplay.Those sonictards(I hope I'm saying this right) need to calm down and or see a specialist.
Anyway Great Article.I'm am so favoriting this.
6severen Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the wonderful laugh - you sure made me grin. :) This is very, very true. After reading each number I thought it just couldn't get any worse, and then it did. I love this.
XjackieX Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2007
Myspace! XD
Dude. i'm on there ;P
And no I'm not an emo. And I can't stick MCR and Simple Plan.
They make me ill. They all seem to be total losers as well. Well not all of them but a small percentage is.
Like when I go into Forbiddin Planet and Worlds Apart to get my Living Dead dolls they all stand there talking about Star Trek and Starwars.
Its been out for friggin how long? Why they still talkin about it.
And Naruto. Some of my mates on here are fans so I'll keep my mouth shut ;P
The-DCE Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2007
I never said you were emo.
XjackieX Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2007
i know.
I'm just a meff though.
Mind yooh. I got called a brat on here once when i'm far from a brat.
ACdraw Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I HATE G1 fans. I'm a G1 fan myself but I'm talking about the OBSESSIVE ones. Honestly, the 80's are over. The sad thing is like you said, anything apart from G1 is crap. FUCK THAT!! Beast Wars ruled! The live-action movie was one of THE BEST blockbusters I have ever seen. And on top of that, I can't believe they call themselves true fans when they can't see the fucking similarities between G1 and the movie. And as for their complaints, they' ve ranged over everything from the designs, to Tyrese Gibson (Epps) saying 'bring it!!' in the trailer. Then when I heard about the Death threats to Michael Bay........ GET A LIFE YOU SAD LITTLE PEOPLE!!
The-DCE Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2007
Indeed, they have my pitty.
ACdraw Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You and me both.
2806haven Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2007
While wholeheartedly agree that Beast Wars was the best, G1-ers deserve a little respect for sticking with such a flawed show.

Saying all that - I'm partial to Furman/Wildman Mid-G1 to G2. Obsessively partial.

I love this though - it's heartbreakingly true.
The-DCE Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2007
Thanks, I may do a rant on all these "Abridged" series.
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